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Why Is 304 Grade Stainless Steel Food-Safe Material Ideal For Food Manufacturing?


Ever since Harry Brearley, a metallurgist from Sheffield in the UK, discovered the first true ‘rustless’ steel back in 1913, stainless steel has been widely used in industries including food manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare and many more. There are many reasons for this such as being able to withstand much more wear and tear than other types of materials, being highly resistant to staining and being ideal when it comes to preventing cross-contamination and ensuring food safety.

This is why our 304 grade stainless steel food-safe pipes, components and accessories are best suited for food production. They are specifically designed to meet the strict regulations of the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the European Framework Regulation (EC) 1935/2004. So, what is so special about 304 stainless steel?

 The most common type of stainless steel

Being the most common type of stainless steel being used around the world today, 304 stainless steel is typically comprised of 8 per cent nickel and 18 per cent chromium. Chromium is the key to stainless steel’s impressive resistance to corrosion and strength. It is easy to clean and sanitise because it can withstand a high amount of corrosion from a wide variety of oxidising acids, except from chloride solutions.

 How exactly is 304 grade stainless steel resistant to corrosion?

As mentioned before, chromium is the reason why 304 grade stainless steel features natural corrosion resistance. Being a natural phenomenon, elements such as iron react to the surrounding environment such as humidity and oxygen to form iron oxide, also known as rust.

However, 304 grade stainless steel forms a protective and self-repairing layer due to its chromium content. Only a thin layer will react to oxygen, but instead forms chromium oxide. It is highly durable, and most importantly, non-reactive. It adheres to the surface without reacting or transferring onto other materials it comes in contact with such as food products.

The Jacob UK detectable design series

Manufactured in accordance with the FDA standards and the EC 1935/2004 directive, our DETECTABLE DESIGN range features a huge range of rubber covers, seals and gaskets which feature minuscule metallic particles in their material. In the event of a ring seal or u-seal breaking down during production, all foreign particles such as bits of expansion joints and rubber covers can be easily traced, found and removed with the assistance of metal detectors.

In combination with our Jacob UK FOOD GRADE line featuring over 3,000 products, you can ensure your pipe system offers safe production, meets strict industry regulations and won’t stall production in the event of a seal breaking down.

Featuring one of the largest warehouses in the UK, high-capacity mass production and fine-tuned logistics, we offer a vast range of pipework systems and components to suit your specific needs. To learn more about our 304 grade stainless steel food-safe products, browse through our website or speak to one of our friendly team members by calling 01694 722 841 today.