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No. 1 in Pipework Systems

Pipework Simplified
Still custom-building steel pipework and welded ducting?
Still fitting flanges to each section?
Frustrated by how much time on-site assembly takes and why costs remain stubbornly high?
Modular pipework system from Jacob is the fast and cost-effective alternative.

Quality Pipework and Ducting
Our quality stainless steel, galvanised or powder coated components are thin-wall and fully-welded, withsmooth-pressed bends for superior airflow. Quick ConnectTM pull-rings create quick-assembly connections rated to 3-bar overpressure.

Quality and versatility are assured by our wide range of high-tolerance components.

Cost-effective and Versatile
High-volume manufacture means high-quality pipework that’s reliable, flexible and easy-to-maintain but costs less than custom-built sheetmetal ductwork. Ideal for air-conveying, extract-lines or gravity chutes; and easy-maintenance tight connections perfectly suit clean-room air systems.


Latest News

Cutting edge pipe systems for biomass boilers

JACOB (UK) has supplied a range of modular pipework and connections to Edge Renewables for installation on various customer sites to facilitate the delivery of air-blown woodchip to fuel stores for Biomass boilers. Read More

The Application of Pipework Systems in the Confectionery Industry

As the leading supplier of quality standard pipes, we here at Jacob are increasingly branching out into more and more dynamic industries, we have operated in for over forty years in the food industry. Read More

Food Grade Stainless Steel Pipe to Exceed Expectations

The finishing of stainless steel handling systems for food applications is more complicated than non-sanitary applications. You must be familiar with sanitary standards so the system and its finish are optimal the demands for this type of application.  Read More

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