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More safety for your goods – JACOB DETECTABLE-DESIGN Line

Unwanted foreign particles found in a product just are not acceptable. Until now, it was virtually impossible to trace parts of gaskets and seals that had found their way into the product flow. That all changes with DETECTABLE DESIGN. JACOB has succeeded in incorporating minuscule metallic particles within the compound that the gaskets or seals are made of. Even the smallest parts of the seals can be found and removed from the production flow.

DETECTABLE DESIGN is the security guarantee for your production.

Maximum security for your goods

DETECTABLE DESIGN offers manufacturers in the food industry or sectors with sensitive goods even more confidence. All products of the DETECTABLE DESIGN line can be traced with the help of commercially available metal detectors and meet the requirements of EC1935/2004 and the FDA. Should pieces of u-seals or ring seals accidentally get into your production process, for example during routine maintenance, they can be identified and removed immediately by a metal detector. The smallest metallic particles make non-metallic elements such as seals, rubber covers and expansion joints detectable.

Wide range of products at JACOB

Numerous products at JACOB already bear the DETECTABLE DESIGN seal, offerings solutions for different areas of application.

  • U-shaped gaskets
  • Ring seals
  • Flat seals
  • Rubber covers
  • Seals for shut-off valves
  • Seals for two-way valves
  • Seals for pipe regulators
  • Seals for turn-head distributors

DETECTABLE DESIGN and FOOD GRADE - a strong combination

The advantages of DETECTABLE DESIGN speak for themselves. In combination with our FOOD GRADE line, which includes more than 3,000 products, you have a modular stainless steel pipe system that meets the high requirements of both the strict European regulation EC1935/2004 and the American FDA food directive, and offers safe production.


  • Large selection of u-shaped gaskets made of silicone
  • Can be detected with metal detectors for maximum product safety
  • Heat-sealed, adhesive-free U-shaped gaskets and ring seals, resistant to mechanical loads, high  temperatures, chemicals and solvents
  • In accordance with FDA and EC 1935/2004
  • Wide range of products available


Our customers have been relying on the products of our DETECTABLE DESIGN line for years. In our application examples you can find out more:

Case Study Südzucker
For Südzucker, JACOB has worked in collaboration with its distributor, mill, and silo construction specialist Kastenmüller, to develop a custom distribution system. The task: Distributing granulated sugar. All components must meet the specifications of EC 1935/2004 regulations, as well as American FDA food standards. In case of a seal failure, they must be detectable by metal detectors to ensure absolute product purity.

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Case Study Bühler
The Bakery Innovation Center (BIC) of Bühler completely covers bakery processes - from conception to production. Pipe and pressformed components by JACOB were used in the areas for bulk material handling and exhaust air aspiration. Because the systems in question are used for the processing of foodstuffs, components of the FOOD GRADE line were used exclusively. These fulfil the requirements of EC 1935/2004 as well as the FDA. Also included: the blue Ushaped seals, which are metal detectable thanks to incorporated metal particles.

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