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About Us

Availability and quick supply are assured through high-capacity mass production, the largest warehouse of its kind in Europe and fine-tuned logistics. Standard components are held in stock as part-finished for quick turn-around.

Rapid production without sacrificing precision is achieved through state-of-the-art, fully automated laser welding systems coupled with modern pressing routes and in-house tooling.

Put this together and Jacob have the facilities it takes for rapid and responsive, just-in-time delivery of precision engineered pipework components.

The Jacob UK team

Sales Office
Kim Littleton, Director
David Peplow, Technical Manager
Ian Wakeman, Technical Sales
Beckie Woodhouse, Sales & Marketing
Andrew Spurling, Sales
Abby Spurling, Sales Administrator
Crissy Williams, Accounts
Steve Hall, Warehouse Manager
Tim Tarbuck, Warehouse
Lee Harris, Warehouse