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Wood Chip Systems Rely on Quality Galvanised Pipes


Biomass systems rely on wood pellets or wood chips for their fuel. Fuel can be stored in a range of ways, including silos, hoppers, containerised stores, flexible fabric silos, and in sheds. They can be filled by pneumatic delivery where one of the two hoses receives the pellets and the other provides pressure relief and recovers the dust produced to the delivery vehicle. Pneumatic delivery of wood pellets is now routine practice.


 Abrasion and impact during delivery of pellets can generate fine dust. This can be prevented by using smooth metal delivery pipes, with press formed bends of larger radius, and a yielding impact baffle opposite the point of exit from the delivery tube to ensure that pellets are not shattered on impact with the opposite wall of the store. Jacob UK supplies a complete system that is ideal for these applications. Hot dip galvanised pipes ensure that corrosion is eliminated and the use of EPDM seals removes the static build up within your system. Further more, they can supply you with a universal fill coupling that is compatible with the fitting used by your pellet or wood chip supplier. As the system is modular, you can join pipes, bends and segment to achieve the layout you require as it is easily assembled using a u seal and pull ring connection. This dust tight and pressure rated system ensures that dust leakage is not a potential hazard. For more information and assistance, contact the knowledgeable and friendly team on 01694 722841.