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Why Our Quick Connect Pull-Rings Are Ideal For Connecting Pipes And Pipe Segments


At Jacob UK, we offer a wide range of precision-engineered and high-quality pipework systems and are a one-stop-shop for all your piping needs. Our vast range of connecting components include products such asO-rings, one and two part pull-rings, U-seals and our exclusive QUICK CONNECT pull-rings.

So, why are they ideal for connecting pipes and pipe segments?

They have a unique design

Each QUICK CONNECT pull-ringfrom Jacob UK is manufactured with the ideal balance of speed and stability to ensure freedom from leaks, with each detail being meticulously inspected. Their unique design includes an ergonomic grip, overlapping on the ring ends and a curved clasp.

They are easy to use

Our QUICK CONNECT pull-rings have a design which combines both the extended profile and joint, making them very easy to use. This allows the pull-ring to be easily placed over the lipped ends of a pipe and create an air-tight connection. This also allows for any connecting components to be quickly and easily dismantled, changed and assembled – without the sacrifice of precision or speed.

With the pull-ring’s toggle clip, the ends of a pipe are quickly connected because the clasp is easily guided across the closing hook. Once the piping or pipe segments have been connected, you can then simply tighten the bolt on the swivel joint after the ring is closed.

They provide incredible strength

When tightened to 10Nm, our QUICK CONNECT pull-rings provide incredible strength with an impressive explosion pressure resistance of 3 bars. They also have an integrated U-shaped seal that overlaps on the ends of the ring, ensuring a tighter seal.

Apart from its superior strength, it has an ergonomic grip that easily enables the toggle clip to firmly open and close without risk of injury, allowing it to easily and quickly snap into place.

They reduce assembly time

Due to the open and wide profile of our QUICK CONNECT pull-rings, they can reduce the amount of assembly time that is required for the installation and dismantling of pipe systems. This is because they make it much easier and faster to attach the pull-ring to the U-seals which are then fitted to the lipped ends of a pipe.

As they are all manufactured with a pre-set bolt, each pull-ring has an agile toggle-clip closure for connecting the ends of a pipe. If the fitting is complete yet a tighter fit is needed, the adjustment bolt can be further tightened to provide an air-tight seal around the connection.

Our QUICK CONNECT pull-rings are available in thickness sizes of either 1mm or 2mm, a range of diameter choices from 80 to 400mm, and are available in either galvanised or stainless steel.

Whether you are searching for one part pull-rings, two part pull-rings or quick connect pull-rings for ensuring an air-tight connection around push-in pipes and pipe segments, turn to the leading pipework system manufacturer at Jacob UK.

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