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Where To Find High-Quality Throttle Valves


Looking for throttle valves and don’t know where to start? Well, Jacob has a high-quality range of regulators, shut-off and throttle valves to make sure the job gets done the right way, the first time. With their large high-capacity mass production warehouse, Jacob has an extensive range of premium pipework components. Equipped with the most advanced laser welding systems combined with their in-house tooling, Jacob has the resources required to ensure fast and high-quality pipework products.

Jacob’s regulators, shut-off and throttle valves are available in hand operated or actuated versions. They are designed to regulate the airflow and come in either powder-coated finish, hot-dip galvanised or stainless-steel options.

Some of their high-quality products include throttle valves with a silicone seal which meets the Food Grade standards in accordance with 1935/2004 EC and FDA (but other rubber types can be made upon request). They can be pneumatically operated with an Air Torque rotary actuator and features a 5/2 way solenoid valve with two mechanical limit switches which are wired inside the limit switch box. These valves are also shock explosion proof certified up to 3 bar over pressure.

Jacob also has hand-operated throttle valves with a vast variety of diameters available and diameters greater than 400mm available on request. You also have the choice of valves without seals with their electrically-operated throttle/shut-off valves with an adjustable Deufra Drive. This valve is operated electrically using an adjustable drive which has two adjustable free limit switches and a thermal circuit breaker.

 When looking for an extensive high-quality range of throttle valves for your needs, Jacob is your one-stop shop. Visit their website for more information and also to see their entire range of pipework system products. Put your needs in the hands of the experts. Contact Jacob today.