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The Many Benefits to Installing an Electric Shut Off Valve


Here at Jacob, we believe that shut off valves play a crucial role in industrial settings. They are used to safely manage compressed air in pneumatic applications and isolate certain systems when they are not needed. A shut off valve is a very important feature to your industrial pipework and can limit the amount of down time required if there is a blockage or safety issue.

Other names for an electric shut off valve include: emergency shut off valve, lock out valve and a shutdown valve. Installing these products in your pipework is usually considered best practice from a safety point of view. Once you have done so, a problem can be isolated before it has the chance to spread throughout the entire network of pipe work.

Shut off valves can be used as a safety application in the event of an equipment failure or when you are servicing or replacing pipework at your facility. Our valves can be used in many different settings, including the grain and cereals industry, chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and plastic production industry, just to name a few.

Our shut off valves also come with several unique features that help them to help you. This includes an electric throttle, which can help regulate the speed of the material passing through the valve. The inclusion of this throttle can have a significantly positive impact on the efficiency of your warehouse.

In addition to the electric throttle, our electric shut off valves also come with the incomparable Belimo Valve actuators. This small addition to your shut off valve can have a great effect on your HVAC applications in your pipe work. They help provide great performance, reliability and lower power consumption. If you are trying to limit the power consumption of your industrial plant, then a shut off valve with a Belimo Valve actuator is the way to go.

There are a few things to consider when choosing between our electric shut off valves. The first is the size of the valve that you require. They come in 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 150, 175, 200, 224, 250, 280 diameters, for all your pipework needs.

You will also need to consider the voltage requirements on the Belimo Valve actuator before ordering. One of our friendly staff can talk you through all the options and help you decide the best voltage for your industrial needs.

You may also want to think about employing more than one throughout your operations, to create an integrated system that can be easily isolated for safety or maintenance reasons.

Finally, it is well worth considering whether you require a remote control activation or shut off. Some situations may benefit from the ease of use provided by a remote control as opposed to a manual shut off operation. If your shutoff valve is high up or hard to reach, consider ordering a remote control to ensure that you will be able to shut off the process quickly and easily to ensure minimal downtime.

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