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The (Many) Benefits Of Using Powder-Coated Pipes


Invented in 1945 by Daniel Gustin, powder coating is the process of spraying a unique electrostatic powder that’s designed to provide a high level of protection. The powder is created from resin and pigment that is finely grounded up and then applied to the surface of a pipe as a final coating.

Using an electrostatic paint sprayer, it transmits a positive electric charge to the powder and then is then heated in a curing oven and blended to create a smooth protective coating. The process of chemical bonding solidifies once the powder coating has been cured, increasing the strength of the powder coating.

So, as a very popular and efficient method of finishing different types of metals, what exactly are the benefits of using powder-coated pipes?

Long-lasting, strong and durable

The powder-coating process results in a hard finish which is protective and aesthetically pleasing. A powder-coated pipe demonstrates more resistance to chemicals, chipping, fading, scratches, corrosion, abrasions and impact than most other types of liquid coatings. The long-lasting durability of powder coatings makes them well-suited for high use, high traffic and abrasive areas. Because powder coating is able to create a thicker coating as opposed to liquid coatings, it provides much more strength and durability.


With no need to use any special cleaners or solvents, powder coating is very easy to maintain. Due to powder coatings being so damage and corrosion resistant, you don’t have to worry about the risk of damage or rust occurring during cleaning. The low-maintenance factor also makes powder-coated pipes ideal for remote and rural installations.


When choosing the pipes you need, opting for powder coating can save you a lot of money in the long run. It has a quick application process which reduces the labour costs involved in its manufacturing. Powder coating doesn’t need to wait until it’s dry, the powder coating is applied and then it is immediately cured. And because of the long shelf life and low-maintenance, pipes that have been powder-coated are much more affordable to maintain.


Many types of liquid finishes contain solvents that can contain harmful pollutants called VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Powder coating, however, does not contain any solvents and releases a tiny fraction of VOCs into the atmosphere, if any.

The number one in pipework systems

At Jacob UK, we stock a range of stainless steel, hot-dip galvanised and powder-coated pipes such as welded pipes, welding ends and push-in pipes that are available in a wide variety of different thicknesses and diameters to suit your application needs. We also feature a range of stainless steel and galvanised pull-rings including our very own uniquely designed QUICK CONNECT pull-rings.

With fine-tuned logistics and high-capacity mass production, our precision seam-welded pipes are designed to meet your specific application needs. Have a discussion with one of our friendly team members about how we can assist you by calling 01694 722 841 or browse through our website to learn all the information you need about our entire range of pipework systems and components.