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The Application of Pipework Systems in the Confectionery Industry


As the leading supplier of quality standard pipes, we here at Jacob are increasingly branching out into more and more dynamic industries, we have operated in for over forty years in the food industry. This includes, but is not limited to, baking operations, the meat-processing industry, the spice industry, coffee roasting, breweries/malting, the milk-processing industry, the tobacco industry, as well as the confectionery industry.


Due to the specific requirements that confectionery manufacturing requires, No – our food grade range is part of our standard range that can be used for contact with products; transportation of individual components; as well as the extraction of dust from production environment.Our pipes must also cater for a moderate to bulk density, a crystalised density due to sugar within the products, often pasty substances, as well as temperatures exceeding 65 degrees. Due to the specific requirements that the confectionery industry needs to produce a quality product, we ensure they receive the very best in modular stainless steel pipe UK.



With rapid production capabilities that don’t sacrifice on quality, Jacob are the country’s leading experts in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel pipe UK. Applicable and highly adaptable across multiple industries, there’s rarely a pipe solution that Jacob can’t offer. For more details on our products and services, or to make an enquiry with our support team, visit Alternatively, pick up the phone and chat to a specialist in pipework systems by dialing 01694 722 841.