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Stainless Steel Pipe in the UK


Widely regarded as being the leading supplier of modular pipework systems in Europe, Jacob UK Ltd are the preferred choice for stainless steel pipe in the UK. With over twenty diameters available from stock, this modular system is now the favoured selection for design engineers and installers equally. Manufactured in powder coated mild steel, hot dip galvanised steel and food grade stainless steel, each component is fully seam welded with machine lipped ends. The new food grade stainless steel range is the first modular pipe system in Europe to meet the rigorous requirements of both the EC1935/2004 and American FDA food regulations. The recent introduction of the blue detectable range of seals ensures that food safety is paramount for installations within the food production industry. All seals in this product line are made of silicone and incorporate tiny metal particles. This means that they can be identified by metal detectors. If a seal or any part of it should find its way into the production process, then those foreign bodies can be consistently removed. Dust tight pressure rated connections are standard when the parts are connected using a special u shaped seal and pull ring. Flanged connections are also available for applications that require them as standard.

This pipe work is supplied across a broad range of industries which include foodstuffs and animal feed, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, paper-processing, building materials, the semiconductor industry and engineering. The proficient and knowledgeable team are available to answer any technical queries that you may have and assist you with your selection.