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Press Formed Pipe Segments Guarantee Gentle Conveying For Delicate Snack Products


When you walk down the snack aisle at your local supermarket, the variety of products available is extensive. Manufacturers continue to launch new flavours, shapes, share bags, grab bags, baked or hand fried products – the list continues to grow on an almost weekly basis. What these products all have in common is the delicate nature of their composition. Historically, the early potato chip was bagged in wax paper with the ends glued or stapled together – time consuming and unreliable. Nowadays, the main focus of the packaging process is to ensure that the snacks are not found at the bottom of the bag; stale and crumbled.Pipe Segments

Conveying the delicate bags of crisps around your manufacturing space can be done easily and with minimal damage to the contents, by using fully seam welded pipes and press formed pipe segments and bends. Jacob UK supplies a modular pipe system which is ideally suited to the air conveying of snack foods, as air movement within the pipeline is enhanced with the smooth-pressed bends. Airflow is assisted with the minimum of resistance and therefore limits harm to the product. More traditional mechanical conveying methods do not allow for swift changes to the manufacturing process, such as a packaging change request from the buyer, but these thin-walled ducting sections are easily dismantled and re-connected using the Quick-Connect pull-ring system. The application of air conveying systems for snack foods is increasingly popular among both large and small manufacturers alike.

With pipework diameters from 60mm to 1600mm and a comprehensive range of valves and distributors, this system is ideal for constructing an efficient and flexible system, which can adapt to changing requirements.