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Integrated automatic control systems and drives


Working with JACOB engineers, pipework installations can be prepared for use with integral measurement devices, to measure pressure, temperatures and flow rates. Measurement systems are fitted to adapters, transition pieces or other special connection systems. Automated control systems and drives may be integrated with electric or pneumatically operated valves, distribution systems and drives (ISO 5211 attachment system). The modular pipework system and valves can be fitted with a wide range of mechanical or inductive limit switches. Together, the JACOB modular pipework and integrated drives and control systems offer engineers the opportunity to specify a complete package with a high level of automation using proven components manufactured to the highest standards.


Fast cleaning hygienic distributor

When production down-time for cleaning has to be minimised, the JACOB hygienic distributor reduces cleaning time to a minimum. Working with processing industry leaders, JACOB has designed a distributor that can be cleaned without removal from the pipework system. The internal diverter plate is designed to be removed from the distributor unit without using tools. The separator plate can be cleaned and replaced in a matter of minutes, saving valuable time on traditional cleaning methods. The standard JACOB hygiene distributor is a 45 degree model available in in either symmetric or asymmetric form (Diameters 120, 150 and 200mm). The standard version is manufactured from V2A/1.4301 stainless steel which is particle blasted for a smooth finish. An electrolytically polished surface is available on request. The JACOB hygienic distributor is part of the extensive range of customised modular pipework solutions designed for processing industries. JACOB engineers are continually developing new modular pipework systems for applications that challenge traditional solutions.