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Food Grade Stainless Steel Pipes That Exceed Expectations


As manufacturers of ducting in the UK, our quality stainless steel, galvanised or powder coated components are thin-wall and fully-welded, with smooth-pressed bends for superior airflow. Quick ConnectTM pull-rings create quick-assembly connections rated to 3-bar overpressure. Quality and versatility are assured by our wide range of high-tolerance components.

The finishing of stainless steel handling systems for food applications is more complicated than non-sanitary applications. The manufacturer and installer of these systems must be familiar with sanitary standards so the system and its finish are optimal for the demands for this type of application. Designing, fabricating, assembling, finishing, and cleaning your final choice of system for food-grade applications has countless requirements that must be adhered to at every step of the way. The term food grade and its many variants refers to surfaces that have a finish that is safe for processing food products and can easily and reliably be cleaned and made sterile.

The finishing of food-grade stainless steel must result in surfaces devoid of areas that encourage bacteria growth. The surfaces must be free of lines, grooves, pits, or divots. Additionally, the surfaces must withstand corrosion from the food being handled and the chemicals used to sanitize the equipment. It is a lot to guarantee as well as ensuring that the system fits the space designated and runs without fault with optimal output. Jacob UK provides a comprehensive range of food grade stainless steel pipe that will alleviate all the worry and shoulder the responsibility you have. Designed and manufactured serially to meet the stringent requirements of the EC1935/2004 directive and the American FDA standard, you can select from the extensive range of pipes and components, pneumatic or manual valves and build a system that is guaranteed to meet the stipulated requirements.

Available as standard in diameters of 60mm to 1600mm, there will be a solution to every individual request – which you can make via email or telephone to our professional and knowledgeable team.