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Extraction Made Easy with Powder-Coated Pipes


During the cutting and shaping processes used in the metalworking industry, mists, vapours and smoke can be generated by the use of cooling lubricants. This can happen mechanically when fast-rotating tools atomise the cooling lubricant, for example during grinding or turning work. It can also occur when evaporated cooling lubricant condenses again on any hot surface. Still hot work pieces can pollute the ambient air with emissions. As a rule, all surfaces that are exposed to cooling lubricant, such as dirty work clothes, oily polishing rags or floors, should be considered an emission source. The warmer that these surfaces become, the worse effect they will have on the ambient air.

Efficient workplace ventilation systems ensure that these substances do not enter the employees’ breathing space. Without an efficient extraction system it is likely that cooling lubricant fumes, smoke and vapours can enter the operator’s respiratory tract, digestive system and skin. This can damage the human body in a number of ways, such as inflammation of the skin or respiratory tract and long term damage to vital organs.

A modular pipework system can be used to transport the air away from the work areas. Jacob UK is the leading provider of a serially manufactured pipe work range ideally suited for oil mist extraction and dust extraction. In highly corrosive environments, powder-coated pipes are a clear benefit and will provide a long term solution and safeguard workplace health and safety.