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Potato processing and starch manufacture

Industrial sectors

  • Potato processing/starch manufacture

Possible uses

  • Bulk good systems for oil seeds, including aspiration system in several processing stages
  • Product transportation of pneumatic down pipe systems
  • Aspiration systems (carriage of dust)

Product characteristics

  • Starch is in flour consistency
  • The product is water absorbent
  • Packaging in pipe system takes place occasionally at moderate bulk density

Special characteristics

  • Electrostatic charging occurs and earthing is therefore necessary

Primary use

  • Materials: Steel for air feed, Cr Ni steel for product feed
  • Pipe diameter: Products: DN 80 – 150 mm, Air: DN 80 – 400 mm,
  • Wall thicknesses: s = 1 mm for air, s = 2 mm for product

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