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Plastic production / Plastic processing

JACOB pipe systems are used widely within plastics production or plastics processing. 

Possible applications

All types of conveyance of dry bulk goods, whether pneumatically or in gravity pipes, as well as for dust-separation pipes or air extraction of product transportation systems. Applications e.g. for granulates, fresh air supply, air extraction systems that can contain dust or aerosols.

  • Bulk goods system in the warehouse area,
  • Product transportation system to the extruder area
  • Air extraction systems for polystyrene
  • Pneumatic conveyance at low pressure (up to 0.5 bar operating pressure)

Product characteristics

  • The starting products for processing are granulates with low to moderate bulk densities
  • Material is not hygroscopic (humidity absorbent),

Special characteristics

  • Must be earthed because of electrostatic charge

Primary characteristics

  • Materials: steel, Cr Ni steel only in exceptional cases
  • Pipe diameter: 80 - 400 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: s=1 mm, s=2 mm

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