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Oil seed processing

Industrial sectors

  • Oil seed processing

Possible uses

  • Product transportation gravimetric
  • Suction/dusts + aerosols in several processing stages
  • Bulk good system for oil seeds, including aspiration system in several processing stages
  • Bulk good system in refining,
  • Bulk good system in packaging
  • Dust-separation systems also in the icing sugar sector

Product characteristics

  • Oil seeds are fine grains initially (rapeseed/poppy)
  • Stringer paste-like to lumpy
  • Caking dissolves of its own accord
  • Return air carries dust or aerosols (containing oil)
  • Oil impermeable connections necessary

Special characteristics

  • All operating parts are at risk of explosion (solvents are used in the extraction sector); earthing necessary

Primary use

  • Materials: Exclusively Cr Ni steels
  • Pipe diameter: Product: 80 – 150 mm, Return air systems: 80 – 400 mm
  • Wall thicknesses: s = 1 mm = air transportation systems, s 1/2 mm = product transportation systems

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